Initial Consulation Plans Survey Plan Concept Drawings Landscaping Plan 3D Graphics Planting Plan Bespoke details Garden Lighting Build and Construction Project Management Plants, flowers and planting Garden aftercare

• Consultation (Consilium) ~ deliberation, consultation, assembly, council

An initial visit to see the garden and go over both your Design ideas and practical needs will be arranged. From this a ‘Design brief’, outlines our discussion, and initial recommendations for your garden. Accompanied by a quote for the Garden Design.

To help you visualize ideas for your garden, a ‘Pinterest’ board is created directly relating to you. This is an online image board that will be continuously updated with ideas as we move forward through the design process. Access details to the board will be sent to you with the ‘Design brief’.

Design fees are priced according to each individual project.

• Plans (Duco) ~ to draw, shape, construct

Survey (Pervideo Pervidi Pervisum) ~ look over, survey, inspect

For smaller gardens I will measure the site and draw up the Survey Plan. For larger gardens or sites with complicated levels a land surveyor will be used. The survey shows the house, boundaries, existing features and levels required for the subsequent preparation of the Garden Design.

Concept Drawings (informatio Duco) ~ concept, idea

The Concept Drawings begin the design process. This is where we play with ideas, see the style of the garden evolve, and start to understand how potential layouts would change the feel of the space. Supporting imagery and 3D graphics are used to really bring the ideas to life and ensure you feel really confident and excited about every aspect being planned.

These ideas can then be taken through to final plans (landscaper’s plan and the planting plan), which enable the gardens to be quoted on and built.

Final Plans (Maneo Duco) ~ last, endure, abide by

Depending on your requirements the following Designs will be created for you:
Landscaping Plans are the Drawings and specifications that enable a landscaper to quote accurately for the work, and build the garden. Supporting imagery and 3D graphics are also used at this stage.
Planting Plans show the location, spacing, and plants to be used. Corresponding imagery will be used to help the client visualize the colour pallet and style of the planting. A quote for supplying the plants, setting them out and planting can also be supplied from this plan.

• Bespoke (Exemplar) ~ model, pattern, original, prototype

A truly clever garden is thought through to the finest detail. Buying an off the shelf shed for instance might work for some gardens and this options should never be discounted, however, in many cases, to get the absolute best out of your garden, then bespoke details are the only way to go and can prove to be no more expensive than off the shelf!

Gardens have many elements to them and the importance on each one will differ for each client. I am constantly re-inventing the pergola or the humble garden seat to fit within a specific space.

A broad knowledge of materials and building techniques has helped me to create totally bespoke design elements for many gardens. Responding to a client brief and budget, I offer ideas and solutions, come up with detailed designs, and then work with talented craftsmen and manufacturers to bring the ideas to life.

These are the final elements that make a truly unique and considered garden, and one that really stands out.

• Lighting (lux lucis) ~ light

Until fairly recently outside lighting has been either a bit dull or very expensive. Nowadays we can be really inventive with lighting ideas, creating a whole new side to your garden, bringing it to life in the evenings and at night. I have enjoyed working with clients over the years to design new types of lighting and individual schemes that really suit each space. I work with some talented and inventive electricians who really help to bring my ideas to life.

• Build (Molior) ~ build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle

A recommended contractor will be introduced to you, and a fixed price quotation prepared, breaking down each element of the works into sections so you can choose how you want to proceed and when. If you have your own contractors, I am happy to work with them too.

Creating a new garden is a big decision and it is really important to me that you are happy and exited about the work ahead. I am always happy to make arrangements for you to visit gardens I have designed or to talk to clients about their new garden and experience of the project.

• Project management (Cura) ~ management, administration, care, concern

The level of project management required will differ for each garden. I can offer advise on what you might need, based on my experience, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In many cases a simple layout session with the landscaper will suffice and I am available to make site visits as required by the contractor or the client on request.

More complex or larger gardens often have more elements that need managing throughout the build. I am available to oversee the entire garden build, from finding reliable contractors and scheduling works, to the final planting and lighting details, and of course any aftercare requirements. I work together with the client, to ensure that the build goes to plan, schedules are followed and everything is covered, taking the stress out of the build for you and ensuring that the highest quality of garden is obtained.

Fees are priced according to each individual project.

• Plant (Sero) ~ to sow

Plants are a huge part of the character of a garden; they soften the space and generate the overall feel. I use plants to balance a space, add colour and structure, height and interest. It is important to be able to visualize the plants not only at the beginning but also in 5 or 10 years from now.

Each client and their garden require a different approach, you might want to grow vegetables or attract wildlife, adore modern planting or have a desire for your own tropical paradise. All of these things will be taken into account from the outset when designing the garden, advise will be given on what is possible within your site and location, and a beautiful Planting scheme will be created to suit you.

• Aftercare (Tendo) ~ to direct, try, attempt, stretch, extend, present, give

After the garden has been built and planted, I offer all of my clients a walk around the garden to go over the aftercare requirements, it enables me to answer any queries you might have and to hand over the garden.

Thereafter, I offer sessions showing you how to prune and care for your garden, they are fun and informative and I have found they really help to get the most out of a new garden. I usually find that within a few visits clients have learned enough to carry on without me. This service would be quoted to you on arrangement. I am also happy to arrange a garden maintenance company should you wish to leave it to the professionals.

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