Sarah Mitchenall Sussex Garden Design Office

I love gardens. They are healing, fun, and growing spaces that we all need. Gardens are places where memories are made, we retreat to them, socialize in them, bring our children up in them, and we tend to them.

We shade under our trees, grow fruit and veg for our suppers, flowers for our vases, lounge on the grass, and tinker in our sheds.

When we have sunshine we make the most of it! We have a lot of rain, so we have a verdantly green countryside, our winters are mild, and so we can grow an abundance of plants. There is a reason we are a nation of gardeners.

Sarah Mitchenall has created over 100 gardens since 2001.

Designing gardens is both complex and interesting. It encompasses a need to be able to envisage the space both aesthetically and for functionality, working with clients to ensure they absolutely love and enjoy their new garden and its uniqueness to them.

Coming from a fine art sculpture background, with many years project managing and as a landscaper, Sarah has a unique perspective. Not only is she able to design beautiful spaces, she also understands landscaping costs and building techniques, enabling her to be a considered and informed garden designer.

Sarah’s Philosophy has always been to respond sensitively to clients needs whilst giving careful consideration to integrating their home into the garden and the garden into its surroundings.

Gardens are very personal spaces that will grow and evolve as time passes, so Sarah works closely with clients to investigate ideas, helping them to visualize the space, use appropriate materials and planting schemes, and ultimately to ensure that they are timeless gardens with enduring appeal.

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